Refer a Friend

We not only appreciate your business, but we also want to show our appreciation when you bring us new business! Tell a friend how much you like our Internet service and earn a free month credit on your Internet account. The following restrictions apply:
  • New subscriber must not have previously been a subscriber.
  • The free month credit can be used as many times as customers are referred. (ie. 5 friends referred = 5 months credited.)
  • Value of the free month credit is equal to the first month of the new subscriber, limited to the monthly amount of the referring subscriber.
  • The new subscriber must hand the installer a "Referral Coupon", or tell us the name of the referring subscriber DURING installation. This offer is not valid if we are informed after installation has been completed.
  • The referring subscribers account must be current.
  • This offer is only valid for wireless subscribers referring new wireless subscribers.
  • This offer cannot be combined with any other specials. This includes any specials utilized by the new subscriber.
  • Referral is a credit for Internet service with 600Amps, and has no cash value.
For your convenience, you may download and print a sheet of Referral Coupons. Write your name on them, and hand them to your friends to give to our installer.